Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Pia Sweet

Your favorite “Flexy Girl”, Pia Sweet, recently posted a series of shimmery split videos in a very sparkly gold bikini. The five videos already have hundreds of thousands of likes and comments galore! Let’s take a look at each super sexy video.

Pia Sweet Pops A Squat

First up we see Pia Sweet in a yoga squat, rocking her gold bikini and tall, white Go-Go style boots. She only stays low for a fe seconds, before standing up and grabbing her right leg. She pulls her leg up behind her, opening her hips and showing off her toned physique.

Pia Sweet’s Standing Splits

Here we see Pia showing off more of her flexibility! With one hand on the window for some extra balance, she proceeds to go into a full split while standing. Her boots are so tall she almost has trouble grabbing the bottom. Good thing she’s so flexible! This pose gives fans one of her famous crotch shots that we all know so well…

Pia Takes It To The Floor

Up next Pia takes it down to the floor. She lays down between her bed and window and decides to open up fully for fans. She talks about joint mobility in the text overlay on the video, but we could see this pose coming in handy for a few other things…Her bikini is sparkling and her muscles are just glowing!

Pia Sweet Is Squatting Again!

It’s back to squatting in Pia’s fourth video in the series. She boasts that this move helps improve balance and strength, and we believe her! Her perky booty hovers over the floor as she bobs up and down, showing off some impressive leg strength.

Pia Loves Stretching Every Day

In her final mini-flick, Pia is on the floor again, this time in front of her bed, in her golden bikini and boots. She grabs and leg and just goes for it, lifting it high into the air. She gives it a few pulses towards her head before opening up the other leg into a full split. This view is giving fans quite an eyeful! We’re so glad Pia chose a bikini for this video series. Can’t wait to see what she gets into next!