Sun. May 28th, 2023
Pia Sweet

Pia Sweet is a good girl with naughty videos. If you want to see her flaunting her undergarments and twirling around, check out her latest videos:

Dancing Over Her Phone 

In a playful new video, Pia is wearing tall black boots and a short black dress with a hole in the back. She’s crouching down in a squat position as she places her phone on the floor between her legs, presumably to get a crotch shot while dancing from side to side. And,  if we know Pia, she’s probably not wearing undies! She captions the clip ‘you know where that video is don’t you?’

Morning Coffee?

Wearing long black socks and a patterned beige skirt with a black top, Pia is facing away from us as she walks to the counter in her kitchen. She stops to pull down her skirt so that we can see her shiny black thong before turning sideways and pouring a cup of coffee. 

Home Sweet Home 

Once again hanging out in her kitchen, Pia’s got on a black skirt that flows outwards and a white long sleeve top. She walks forward and bends over on the counter, giving us a complete view of her perky cheeks. There’s a filter on the video so that her cheeks are really in focus and there’s not too much else to look at (not that we’d want to look at anything else anyway!)