Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Pia Sweet

Pia Sweet, the self-proclaimed good girl gone bad, is sharing a few of her workouts with fans. Don’t worry though – even if you don’t work out – you can still enjoy her tips and tricks – see for yourself: 

Tone Your Quads

Wearing a pink glittery thong and a white tank top Pia is poolside doing some squats. Her legs and booty are so incredibly toned that we have to wonder how many of these she really does – it’s clearly paying off! The camera is capturing her profile so we can see the muscles move as she bends up and down.  In oversized sunnies and running shoes she makes it look easy – she’s not even sweating! 

Air Squats

Standing at the corner of a pool, Pia smacks her upper legs to show fans what part of her body she’s working. She then proceeds to squat. Again, she makes it look effortless and with a front-view, so this time we get to really take in her strength; she’s pure muscle with round boobs and butt. 

Hip Mobility 

In a hip and ankle mobility compilation, Pia demonstrates various exercises to help stretch and open up. The first move – lizard calf raises- she’s in a low lunge – where she taps her foot up – all while we get a crotch shot. The second clip she’s got one knee up, one knee down while she sways back and forth, then the camera zooms in on her bits. The last clip, she captions ‘Spiderman with rotation’ again in a low lunge, but this time reaching one hand up and bringing it back to the floor. Great effort Pia!