Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Pia Sweet

Our favorite flexible hot mama, Pia Sweet, is back with new yoga content! She recently uploaded several new shares to her popular TikTok account. Check out these moves and sexy outfits!

Pia Sweet’s Blue And Green Outfit

In vibrant blue and green workout attire, Pia hits the tiled floor to show us her toned abs and leg lifting abilities. However, she quickly flips around so that her backside is facing the camera. Pia recommends this hot pose to tone your booty.

Pia Sweet In Leopard Print

In a sweet leopard print bikini, Pia tells us this flexibility move is for focusing…Um…we’re focusing alright! She does a few clam shell lifts in her sexy knee high boots before raising her right leg high into the air. Here is what her fans had to say:

“I like the way you air it in public 😂”

“Good morning Miss Gumby!!!”

“Love the boots”

“boom my girl xxxx”

Pia Sweet In Jean Shorts

Last up we see our “Stretchy Girl Next Door” in a white crop top, jeans shorts, and tall black socks. She does a quick butterfly flutter before grabbing both of her feet, opening herself up into the perfect “V”. She pulses here for a few moments before the video ends.