Sun. May 28th, 2023
Pia Sweet

Pia Sweet, the flexible brunette who loves to pose around in her undies and bikinis, has some fun new updates you don’t want to miss. Let’s check out this sassy lady:

Join Me 

Standing by her bed, Pia is facing away from us so we can see her side and back as she adjusts her panties and sways back and forth. She’s wearing a matching dark blue set and the video is slightly slowed down creating a sensual vibe. She captions it ‘Join me?’


Standing in front of her mirror, Pia is wearing track pants and a black tank top. She lip syncs to an audio saying ‘you can literally use me as a f doll the whole day and, like, literally f my throat until I can‘t breathe but then i want to be cuddled like a baby after.’ She then pulls down one side of her track pants to show off her thong with gold metal chains. 

Top Or Bottom

Wearing a floral crop top and matching shorts, Pia shows off her midriff as she says  ‘hi guys, ‘what do you prefer? Top or bottom?’ She then angles the camera to show her top and bottom. She smirks and we’re sure she means something else (wink wink).