Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Sarah Gallons

Sarah Gallons has some new uploads where she’s showing off some naughty expressions, taking a selfie of her milk jugs and showing us her pretty privilege. Check her out: 

Which Expression Is Your Fave

Wearing a beige tank top with a brown bra underneath that is poking out, Sarah holds the camera in front of her face as she asks fans which expression is their favorite. She then winks, kisses, bites her lip, sticks her tongue out and pouts again but while looking up. We love them all Sarah!

Full Of Milk

Sarah Gallons

Sarah takes a selfie, except instead of focusing on her face she’s showing off her cleavage up close. Her assets are pushing out of a beige tank top with white lace around the chest. She captions the photo ‘Full of milk, I hope you’re thirsty.’ 

Pretty Privilege 

Wearing a blue dress that wraps around one shoulder and leaves her other shoulder bare, Sarah lip syncs to the audio playing asking ‘how much do I owe you?’ A man’s voice responds saying ‘it’s okay – it’s on the house.’ To which Sarah mouths ‘really?’ before biting her lip playfully. She captions the photo ‘Pretty privilege is a thing.’