Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Laurena Giunipero

This popular “Poledance Athlete”, Laurena Giunipero, is sharing videos on TikTok and Instagram with fans to help them move better, become stronger, and more flexible! She is a strength and flexibility coach, as well as a pole dance teacher. Some of her video are strictly instructional, and some are strictly SEXY. Let’s take a look!

These Boots Were Made For Pole Dancing

Tanned, toned and boots sky-high, Laurena Giunipero is pure fire in this video! She starts off in a headstand, and its a good thing she has those knee pads on because she quickly launches into some kind of twisting flip which lands her on all fours. Laurena inches across the floor while popping her tight booty, making her way over to the pole. From there it’s a stunning aerial show, alternating between the pole and on the floor.

@laurena.giunipero Boom 💣 #hardcorestyle #hardstyle #dancing #poledancer #poledancing ♬ original sound – Laurena

Laurena Giunipero Is Limber!

In this video that Laurena has pinned on her TikTok, she’s showing off some serious flexibility! While playing a Britney Spears and Genuwine mashup called “Toxic Pony”, we see Laurena displaying her extreme range of motion. Wearing tight, black biker shorts and a cute, red strappy sports bra she bends and twists into some pretty amazing positions.

@laurena.giunipero New challenge ✌🏻 who’s going to try? #mobilitychallenge #fyp ♬ Toxic Pony – ALTÉGO & Britney Spears & Ginuwine

Laurena Rocks The Pole In All Black

In her signature platform style boots, Laurena records this number in all black. She twirls around the gold pole, extending her toned legs wide and high depending on the pose. She demonstrates great strength and flexibility with each move!

@laurena.giunipero Just obsessed with @saintlevant song’s ❤️ #veryfewfriends #dancing #poledancing ♬ Very Few Friends – Saint Levant

Dancing Makes Her Feel Alive

In this last video, Laurena says dancing makes her feel alive. Her videos are life-giving as well! Here is what her fans had to say about this sexy social share:

“Wowza Absolutely 💯 damn… now that’s how it’s done you go gurl!!”

“holy 🤩🤩”

“loving your videos girl ! wow ! you are stunning”

“I want to look like you! You have the absolute perfect figure! Goals”

“I am mesmerised and jelous! Who is the lucky person who gets to film!”

@laurena.giunipero Dancing makes me feel alive 🫶🏻 #poledance #poledancersoftikok #poledancer ♬ original sound – Laurena