Sun. May 28th, 2023
Rose Hart

Sexy Rose Hart is at it again – posing, dancing and joking around with fans. In some new uploads we see her playfully teasing us with some new sexy looks. Check her out:

Floor Dance 

In a sexy new clip, Rose is sitting on her living room floor in grey pants with a white tank top on. Her pink bra straps are showing and she’s leaning back but holding herself up on her hands as she lip-syncs to the song playing and erotically moves her hips around. Then she lowers herself onto the ground so she’s lying on her side where she shakes her booty!

Birthday Celebration

Rose Hart

Celebrating her birthday, Rose is wearing a beige lingerie set with black lace flowers all over it. She’s standing with one hand on her shoulder as she tilts her head and smirks at us. Her large chest look perfectly pale and smooth while the straps around her thighs have us drooling. We’d love to celebrate with you Rose!

How Big Is It?

Wearing a blue cropped t-shirt that dips at the neckline, Rose looks stellar as she bounces her chest and laughs. The text on the screen reads ‘When the dates going well and the wine starts to kick in.’ She then looks playfully at the camera and mouths to the audio saying ‘yeah, so how big is it?’ Valid question, Rose!