Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Rose Hart

Rose Hart is a good girl who loves to act naughty. This OnlyFans, TikTok and Instagram star loves to show off her biggest assets for fans. This means that in almost all her videos, you’ll get a good glimpse of her juicy melons.  

Flying Ta-Tas 

In this video, Rose dances and lip-syncs to the remix of the song ‘Video killed the radio star.’ Facing sideways she’s wearing high waisted black underwear with a grey lingerie top that reveals her busty ta-tas. Not only are her boobs squeezed together, but she also jumps up and down as she dances, really sending them flying!

The Finest Artwork

This time wearing a white lacey lingerie top, Rose is holding the camera facing her on an upward angle, sweetly looking at her fans while giving us a close-up of her massive boobs. They are large, but undeniably real. Halfway through the video, a TikTok loading graphic appears and within seconds, she transforms into a piece of art.

Your Next Orgasm

Wearing the same sexy lingerie top that shows off her massive watermelons, Rose mouths to a voice over saying ‘Have you ever seen someone and thought…’ Before continuing to take a step away from the camera, hopping up and down so her boobs jiggle and then continuing ‘I’d like to be responsible for your next orgasm.’