Sun. May 28th, 2023
Rox + Lee

Funny couple Rox and Lee create comedy sketches about relationships, life and everyday stuff. They create content to inspire with their love, light and laughter. Check them out: 

3 Min Champ

The text over like the video reads ‘It’s not about the time, it’s about the execution.’ Lee is sitting on the bed, lip syncing to an audio that talks about lasting longer than three minutes, how he hopes to be longer next time and that he’ll absolutely do it again. Meanwhile Rox is wearing tights, and bent over on the bed, and all we see is her booty up in the air!

Why Didn’t I Think To Say This Earlier?

Lee is pouring himself some coffee while smiling to himself. He then starts to laugh to himself as Rox walks by. She gives him a dirty look and the camera zooms in to show her unimpressed face. The text on the video reads ‘thought of a great comeback after our lil disagreement but she might leave me if I say it!’

Neighbors Fighting

In the last video Rox and Lee poke fun at suburban life. The text reads ‘when y’all were in the middle of seggsi time & the neighbors gettin’ into it AGAIN.’ Rox and Lee then come running out of their bedroom rushing to put on their clothes. Lee has Rox’s wig on and she grabs it from him as they try to hear what the fight is about. The clip then shows them looking over at the neighbors with their Dalmatian followed by prepping dinner on the porch so they don’t look too nosy!