Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Columbian social media influencer Saab Silvi, known on her social accounts as @saabsilvi or simply just “Silvi”, has 4.1M followers, and 39.6M on TikTok alone! Make sure you watch all of these videos closely. She’s an amazing influencer with huge assets in the downstairs department that thickie fans are yearning for.

Sir Mix A-Lot’s Anaconda Would Love Saab Silvi‘s Buns

Sir Mix A-Lot would be proud of this baby’s back.  Wearing Zebra print, almost painted on leggings, this booty talks.  As Silvi walks through this parking garage, it’s almost as though her butt is alive!

Saab Silvi Hypnotizes Us With Her Bodacious Booty

This is a very cute video of Silvi showing us her sexy slow grind. With such a toned body it’s hard to understand how Silvi’s body can manage to keep up with her un-proportional rear.  Her tight toned upper half is a beautiful accompaniment to her super thick butt and thighs.  Be sure to watch both videos as they are very different.

Saab Silvi Fully Twerks Her Assets In This Video

This video might appear to be the same as the last one but don’t be fooled.  This one has a whole lot more movement which is sure to attract more fans.

Saab Silvi‘s Butt Is Hungry For These Leggings!

We have seen booty shorts and yoga pants take hungry rides up the cracks of booty beautiful women in the past, but most are not as well fed as Silvi’s in this video.  Her perfectly shaped buttocks almost look unreal.  Who wouldn’t want to motorboat that thing?

Saab Silvi Has More Than Just Cookies For Santa

Feliz Navidad from Silvi.  Even Santa wouldn’t leave the north pole if Mrs. Clause had as much junk in her trunk as Silvi.  Whether you are naughty or nice, GBB will keep bringing as many visual gifts as possible to you throughout the year!

Speaking of gifts…Silvi has an Amazon Wishlist if you’re interested in getting her something for the holidays! You can see what she’s looking for this Christmas by CLICKING HERE! Or if you’re in the mood for more Exclusive Content from Silvi, then CLICK HERE!