Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Maria Riera

This tan, blonde baddie is having the time of her life in Hawaii! Surfer Maria Riera is making everyday look like vacation with her beachy videos and pics. Her TikTok is quickly gaining popularity, and her content there currently has over 1.4M likes! Let’s join in on her journey!

Maria Riera

Point Of View: Hawaii

In this fun video compilation, Maria is showing her fans all the fun that can be had in Hawaii. We see her surfing, hiking, fresh out of the water in the bikini, and even capturing a glimpse of a perfect Hawaiian rainbow. She’s clearly an outdoorsy chick and we’re loving her shares!

Tanned Perfection

Next up we see Maria sitting on the beach in a tiny, black string bikini. Her skin is glowing, and it’s making us miss summer! She shades her eyes from the sun and then quickly turns to the water, showing off her toned abs from the side. The sand sticks to her perfectly brown booty. After a quick look left and right, she turns makes to the camera with a big smile before turning the camera off.

Maria Riera Lounges On The Couch

Even beach babes need to take a break inside sometimes! In this short clip, Maria is indoors on the couch. She lip syncs to “Starboy” by The Weeknd, and gives fans a wink. After a flip of her blonde hair, she lays back on the couch and turns the camera. Her tiny crop top stays in place as she plops back into the cushions and give another wink. Her summer tan shimmers against the grey oversized pillows. We would lounge around with her all day if we had the chance!

Hibiscus Hottie

In this last video we see Maria looking very tropical! She’s holding Hawaii’s state flower; the Hibiscus. Maria is sporting a teeny, brown bikini which compliments her naturally sun-kissed skin. She twirls and holds the gorgeous pink petals up to her hair before popping out of the frame. We need to book a Hawaiian vacation right away!