Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Sara Lorusso

The naughty fashionista Sara Lorusso loves travel, food and fashion. In her latest uploads, she’s showing off her night looks while singing and erotically dancing. Let’s check her out:

The Buns Are Dancing

Wearing a leopard print romper, Sara has her round rear facing the camera as she energetically moves one leg and cheek and then the other. It’s very sexy as her buns pop around. She looks back at the camera and then turns around and does a sexy little shake with her hips and booty. 

Night Out 

Ready to hit the town, Sara’s in a short black dress and we can see her matching black undies and bra underneath it. She’s quite done-up with her hair in a pony and her dark eyes and painted lips. She sings and dances to the song playing and bends down and flirts with her fans before showing off her side booty. 

Bathtub Hottie

Wearing an extremely sexy g-string bikini, Sara’s sitting in a bathtub – once again singing to her fans as she shows off her side booty. She then faces us so we can see her luscious lemons as they’re wrapped up in a sexy halter top that criss crosses over her neck. She’s got a sexy jewel between her breasts and passionately sings to us.