Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Sarah Gallons

Sarah Gallons is having tons of steamy pool fun! The popular content creator shared a bunch of new videos on her TikTok account showcasing lots of water, her booty cheeks, and of course her gallon jugs! Check these out:

Sarah Gallons’ Dripping Booty

First up we have Sarah, booty to the camera, stepping down into the water. It’s clear this isn’t her first time in the water given the water droplets rolling down her thighs and cheeks. She turns around holding onto her gorgeous braided pigtails. She gives fans a few hot bounces of her gallons before the video ends!

Sarah Gallons’ Underwater Rear View

This clip starts rolling completely underwater, and it’s giving everyone the best view! Sarah’s black thong bikini and bubbly butt cheeks are in full review and the camera gets closer. The way her rear moves in the water is giving off some major mermaid vibes and it is SEXY! The camera surfaces and we see a quick glance of Sarah’s beautiful face, and the snowy scenery off the in the distance.

Sarah Shakes Her Gallons

Last up we see Sarah sitting on the side of the heated pool, as hot steam swirls in the air around her. Rockin’ the same super cute, black two-piece suit as the other two videos, this time she’s lip syncing and boasting about buying herself spa days. Go ahead, girl! Her cleavage is spilling out of her top in the best way in this one, and her braids are still driving us wild! Looking forward to more of her content!