Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Sarah Gallons

Naughty but nice Sarah Gallons has us drooling again as she plays around in a beautiful floral dress, while also showing a bit of her bad side in a leather look! Let’s check her out: 

Glazed Donut 

Wearing a floral dress that she’s popping out of, Sarah’s got her hair in braids as she rubs oil all over her chest and up around her neck. While rubbing, she bites her lip and smiles playfully at us. She captions the video ‘oiled up like a glazed donut,’ and we bet she tastes as sweet as one too!

Floral Goddess 

Still in her floral dress, this time Sarah has one leg up as she faces to the side and poses before turning frontwards and squeezing her chest together.  She then shakes her booty and lip-syncs with a huge smile on. She captions the video ‘Do you think I look cute?’ 

Lethal In Leather

Wearing a tight black dress with holes running throughout it, that almost looks like leather lingerie, Sarah fixes her hair and poses before lip-syncing to a part of the song playing. She looks lethal and ready to pounce. She captions the video ‘don’t break eye contact.’