Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Sarah Gallons

Our favorite spice creator, Sarah Gallons, is back with gallons of new footage! In these TikTok clips she tells fans that she’s not their mommy, hops on a popular trend, and addresses being told to dress more appropriately at work. Let’s dive right in!

Sarah Gallons Isn’t Your Mommy

This video is hilarious! Sarah captions the clip with, “Just cause I got the milk doesn’t mean I’m your mommy!!” She definitely has the milk, that’s for sure! She rockin’ a very low-cut white top and her adorable braided pigtails.

Sarah Will Be Your Rubber Band And Your Fuse

Up next we see Sarah jumping on the rubber band bandwagon trend! She’s filming this one at work and having the best time. Sarah dances around with tight black leggings, and the same white low-cut top. As the video starts she hold onto her pigtails and gives her gals a bounce!

Sarah Gallons Is A Little Bit Naughty

Last we see Sarah lip syncing some “Matilda” to let fans know she can sometimes be a little bit naughty! She captioned the clip with, “I think I’m going to get in trouble 😅”, and the text across the video says “Being told to dress more appropriate for work” We don’t see anything wrong with Sarah’s attire! Perhaps she needs a new job…