Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Sarah Gallons

Sarah Gallons has been on a sexy posting spree lately! She’s been loading up her TikTok account with all kinds of fun, chest-focused content. Fans have been going ga-ga for Ms. Gallons’ ta-tas! Let’s take a look…

Furry Bosom Snuggle

Here we see the voluptuous Sarah Gallons sitting pretty with full makeup, braided pigtails, and…the cutest little fur baby! She pulls the sleepy pup up close to her chest and gives it a kiss on the head. This little guy or gal looks ridiculously comfortable and we don’t blame them. Fans are jealous:

“never been so jealous of a dog”

“make me your baby and I’ll give you best cuddles”

Gallons Wants You To Guess

Standing outside, we see Gallons in a long pink dress. She captioned the video with, “What colour are my shorts under my dress? 🧐” She beings de-robing for the camera, removing her shoes and shoes, but that’s it! Sarah stops there and we never get to see what’s under that dress…

Sarah Wants You To Call Her Mommy

Last up we see Sarah again in her pink dress with puffed sleeves. She leans against the railing and pulls a pair of panties out from between her legs, tossing them off camera. Her jugs are barely contained as she cocks her leg up and looks seductively into the eyes of her fans. She gives the girls a quick bounce before the clip end.