Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Sarah Gallons bikini

Sarah Gallons has been on a posting spree the last several days! Today we’re taking a look at her cow-inspired content, and of course, her boobs.

Got Milk?

We’ll start with fresh milk…Here we see the sexy Ms. Gallons in a barely there set of cow print lingerie. She’s holding a measuring cup with some kind of milk it in. She asks her audience if they want to buy some milk. She then pours it into a glass and goes on to disclose that it’s not cows milk, and that it’s been freshly squeezed today. Sarah ends the video by saying, “Be careful, it’s warm.”

A Boob By Any Other Name Would Be Just As Sweet

In this short clip Sarah is bursting out of her white plastic bikini top. She looks seductively into the camera with her piercing blue eyes as we hear a variety of names for her chesticles.  She smiles and rolls her eyes as the world stares at her rack. She knows how amazing they are, and we’re so glad she’s chosen to share them with the world!

Got Your D

Last up Sarah is back in her revealing moo-wear. Her long golden locks are in braided pigtails, and she’s looking pretty as a peach! In the video, she lip syncs to the hilarious audio saying, “Oops, got your d*ck. Want it back? Too bad. It’s mine.” I think most guys would be okay with that…