Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Sarah Gallons

OnlyFans’ Sarah Gallons posted a series of TikTok videos that display her very large, very beautiful chest. She’s showing them off with purpose and intention so that no one forgets how great they are (a problem we think she really doesn’t need to worry about)!

In Case You Forgot 

Sarah has a really important reminder she wants to tell her followers about. She starts the video sitting on a bed, wearing a floral sundress. She tells her fans that the sole purpose of this video is to remind them that she has really nice boobs. She then unties the front of the sundress so that more of her melons are showing. From there, she bounces up and down so we can see them wiggle in action. 


Time To Get Up

In her next boobalicious video, Sarah is wearing a green top that she’s practically falling out of. She’s on her side, on a bed, as she jumps up and down a bit so that her tops falls down even more. 

Her ta-tas are huge and we almost get to see a nipple before she says, ‘time to get up.’ If only she would stay in bed…(with the camera on)!

I Can Run Faster 

In the final video, Sarah is in a playful mood as she’s wearing a tiny school uniform while sitting on her bed. She lip-syncs to the song playing, while doing a little dance. She crawls to the camera before the clip ends.