Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Sarah Gallons

Sarah Gallons jumps around and acts naughty in a new series of uploads where she sports a cream-colored bra that almost doesn’t clasp closed. 

Hoping Into The Coffee Shop


Sarah lip-syncs to the popular TikTok trend ‘coffee shop song.’ She starts by saying ‘I hop into the coffee shop,’ in which she hops forward – sending her girls jumping. She continues singing while running in place – which really makes her gems jiggle wildly. Yum!

In Her Booty

This next video is quite scandalous as Sarah’s kneeling on her bed wearing white lingerie. The song in the background says ‘I accidently put it in her booty, I was drunk, she was like..’ and immediately after Sarah falls forward as if someone pushed something up her rear and makes a shocked face. She then lips ‘phew,’ and smiles off to the side. Naughty Sarah! 

Thumb Sucking

Still wearing her white bra that her boobs are plunging out of, text over the video reads ‘stop sucking your thumb like that,’ to which Sarah responds, ‘like what?’ and then places her thumb deep into her mouth and slowly pulls it out. She’s got red lipstick on and we wouldn’t want her to suck it any differently.