Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward took to Instagram a few days ago to share some behind the scenes shots related to her BLACKED RAW premier! 

Maitland recently joined the NSFW Adult Entertainment site and is proudly promoting her partnership on social media. 

Maitland Ward Is A Tiger Striped Goddess

Maitland Ward

In the first shot, Ward is rocking animal print lingerie, with a sheer cover up which isn’t covering much!

She’s playfully looking into the camera while she shows off her cleavage, toned stomach and garter belt adorned legs. Her gorgeous red hair cascades down her chest.

Fans can’t stop commenting:

“My future trophy wife 😍😍🔥🔥🔥AF”

“Smokin Hot and magically babe and yumallicious as always ✨💎💙✨💎💙😘”

“Yah your Man is sooooo lucky 🍀”

Maitland Ward Makes Business Look Sexy

Maitland Ward

The second photo in the set shows a more classy business look.

Maitland is all smiles as she shows off her super cute black and white outfit, accessorized with a long gold chain. 

Her bright red nails makes this image POP.

Maitland Ward Shows More SKIN

Maitland Ward

Number three shows Ward with much less clothing on! A sheer black bra is pictured, and we only wish that this picture was full body! 

Maitland gives a flirty smile to the camera, her blue eyes piercing our hearts.

This post has over 47k likes, and comments galore:

“You are definitely getting better with age”

“Houndstooth! Mmmm….”

“You have interesting eyes (I mean that in a good way, ha ha!). Just a slight hint of yellow mixed in with the blue.”

“Natural and PERFECT!”

Maitland Ward Loses The Jacket

Maitland Ward

Up next, Maitland ditches the white jacket from earlier and shows us the whole outfit. 

A black top with tiny straps, a sexy houndstooth skirt, and black fishnets complete this look. 

Her hair stands out against the white couch she’s so playfully leaning back on. 

Maitland Ward’s Reveals More Of Her Black Lingerie

Maitland Ward

 Our wish was granted! Here Maitland does show more of the little, strappy black ensemble from earlier. 

We love the lacy detail of this outfit, and how it wraps around her tight waist. She’s also wearing a beautiful necklace in this snap, but what her fans’ eyes are really drawn to it her perky cleavage. 

Maitland Ward Rocks Fishnets

Maitland Ward

Here we see legs for days! 

Ward is showing off her hot fishnets which are sexy and snug on her toned, long legs. 

Black heels on her feet complete the shot, as she rests them on the softest looking carpet we’ve ever seen. 

Maitland Ward’s Mirror Selfie

Maitland Ward

Maitland shares an intimate mirror selfie as she covers her lower half with a plush robe. 

It’s clear to us that she’s wearing see-through fishnets in his seductive shot. 

She’s totally teasing us with this one as she looks into the camera, admiring her own figure. 

Here are some more comments from her IG fans:

“I love the photo number 7”


“Any viewing of you is spoiling us!🔥”

“You are Gorgeous as Hell.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Maitland Ward On All Fours

Maitland Ward

The last shot in the series is clearly the money shot!

The image filling the screen of the laptop is some real BLACKED RAW footage.  

Maitland is shown on all fours with her legs sprawled apart. She’s playfully sticking her tongue out while she holds a champagne flute. 

Her outfit doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and her booty is on full display. 

Those red-bottomed Louboutin heels are just as fiery as Maitland hair. 


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We guarantee the shots she chose to share with fans are the most ‘safe for work’ she could show. Her BLACKED RAW debut is absolutely X-rated, but is something she has no problem sharing with the world. 

From The Bold And The Beautiful, to Boy Meets World, to BLACKED RAW Maitland Ward is one of our favorite people to follow. Her career is always full of exciting twists and turns. 

Stay tuned for all the best Maitland Ward content!