Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Alica Schmidt

Today the theme is track star sexy, and the only thing that could mean is that we’re featuring Alica Schmidt! She’s been called the “World’s Sexiest Athlete” and while she’s not focusing on that title, fans are certainly focusing on her! Let’s take a look at some of her latest social shares…

Alica Schmidt Pouts For The Camera

Alica recently uploaded a quick video of her lip syncing to her TikTok account. She’s looking gorgeous as ever with her long blonde hair flipped to the side and her piercing blue eyes. Before she starts to sing she makes a cute kissy face with her lips.

Eyes Are The Window To Alica’s Soul

Speaking of Alica’s eyes, here’s a video where she shared them in different lighting. The first image shows her indoors in your typical incandescent light, and they’re beautiful. But, in the next photo Alica is laying in bright, direct sunlight and WOW! That sunshine sure makes all of her features pop!

Alica Schmidt Shows Off Her Hurdle Skills

Last up we see Alica running through a hurdle drill. This clip really shows off her muscular physique! She moves perfectly in sync with the beat in the song – great choice, Alica! She is toned from head to toe and fans can’t get enough:

“Track girls are alwayyyyys the most beautiful.100%”

“I would be out of breath just doing the warmup lol its crazy how hard these people train”

“That’s impressive.Good job.”

“If only every woman looked like this! damn”