Sun. May 28th, 2023

Sian is a yogini who loves deep stretching anywhere and everywhere. She shares her intimate practice with fans and looks great in her teeny tiny yoga looks. Check her out:

Back Stretch 

Lying on her yoga mat in pink booty shorts and a small white top, Sian is face down with her feet bent back up behind her. She then grabs her feet and pulls her legs up – giving her legs and back a deep stretch. She looks tanned, toned and sexy! 

Intense Stretching 

Wearing the same outfit as the previous video, this time Sian is on her side with one leg bent. She then grabs the other one  and stretches upward. We have a clear view of her crotch as she straightens her leg and stretches while also making an ‘oooo – awwww’ face. It looks like it feels good! 

Beach Stretch

Sian’s at the beach and standing with her legs open and booty facing us. Wearing a simple black bikini, she bends her knees and puts her hands on the sand in front of her. From there she walks a bit forward and then opens her legs further, giving us a view of her cheeks, legs and stomach as she pushes down and stretches.