Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Lali Rabbit

Lali Rabbit is a social media megastar with an OnlyFans account that hosts daily content. She’s a Spanish-speaking smoke show who loves to show off her large cans and smooth booty. 

Lusty Jugs

Sitting on a bed wearing a red bathing suit that’s held together at the front with gold chains, Lali pulls the top of her suit up and down – sending her large lumps jumping. She then pushes her boobs a bit together, giving her even more cleavage before placing her tongue on her lip and moving her tots back and forth. A football game is commenting in the background while she sticks her tongue far out at us and gives us more booby shakes. 

Sideways Bathing Suit 

In a different red bikini, Lali wears the triangle top upside down so her bottom boobs are bare and completely showing. The thong bottoms ride high up her hips and barely cover her lady bits. With her hands on her sides she sways to the music – making us love her exposed thighs. She twirls around slowly and the video ends with a great shot of her smooth bum as it she moves it around. 

Jiggle & Shake

Wearing the same bikini as the previous video, she bears it all as she turns sideways and starts twerking and popping her booty. While she’s very fit and toned, she has some jiggles that make us feel all the feels as we watch her shake it. Near the end of the video she places her hands on her boobs and moves them up and down before grinding down.