Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Sofia Blux

Everyone’s favorite yogi, Sofia Blux, is switching up her at-home yoga routine by incorporating her couch instead of her usual yoga mat. Let’s check out her latest twists and stretches: 

Leg Workout 

Leaning over on her couch, Sofia’s wearing tiny grey shorts and a purple top. Her booty is facing us as she slowly lifts up one leg and repeats it three times before doing it on the other side. Her legs looks smooth and the text overlaying the video says ‘leg workout’ and we believe it as we can see her muscles moving. 

Peekaboo Stretch

Still leaning over the couch this time Sofía grabs her left leg and pulls it up over her head. She extends it up and out into dancers pose as she turns her head and sneaks in a smile at us. 

Yoga Is Powerful

This time Sophie is sitting on the couch with her legs open as grabs her ankles extends her legs up over her head. She then pushes both her legs closer to her chest getting an even deeper stretch. She keeps a serious face as she stretches. She captions the video ‘yoga is powerful.’