Sun. May 28th, 2023
Sofia Blux

In some new uploads, Sofia Blux gives us a little taste of what she looks like in the mornings, followed by some deep stretching done outside. Let’s check her latest posts out:

Bed Head

Sofia Blux

In a new Instagram post Sofia’s oddly enough not doing yoga and instead she’s showing off her bed head. She’s pictured wearing a white T-shirt with no bra on that is rolled up and reveals a little bit of her under boob. She’s wearing black briefs and is pouting her lips as she grins and looks off to the side. 

Stress Relief 

In this next video, Sofia is wearing a white top that looks like a swimsuit. It crisscrosses around her neck and has padding to push up her girls. Her bottoms are loose fitting and we can see a string thong peeking out of them. She sits on her knees as she then slowly starts to stretch backwards, giving us a shot of her shorts.

Hamstrings Stretch

Standing with her legs open and her booty facing us, Sofia’s wearing the same outfit as the previous video. We can see a bunch of beautiful trees behind her as she slowly stretches her torso down – keeping her legs straight before squatting, almost on top of the camera!