Sun. May 28th, 2023
Sofia Blux

Wearing lime green shorts and a floral bikini top that crisscrosses around her neck, Sofia Blux is outside practicing her yoga asanas and twisting around for fans. 

Wheel Pose

Sofia is outside and has a towel lying under her with her feet and hands on the ground she pushes her feet up first and then her hands – adjusting into wheel pose. Of course, she makes it looks effortless and gives us a good look at her kitty and her deep back stretch. Well done!  

Crisscrossed Legs

This time sitting on the towel, Sofia has one leg crossed under her knee as she then leans back and grabs her other leg and crosses it under the opposite knee. She then leans back with her legs crossed and brings them up and down – stretching out her leg muscles. She’s smiling the entire time as she playfully stretches around. 

Leg Up In The Air 

This time standing up, Sofia’s facing away from us as she brings her arms out in front of her before swinging up one of her legs back. She’s incredibly flexible as she then puts her hands on her towel sending her leg even higher. With her head upside down, she smiles at the camera all while giving us a complete look at her flexible backside.