Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Sofia Blux

Sofia Blux does some deep stretching on the balcony of a beautiful wooden cottage. She’s stretching on a simple mandala blanket and wearing lime green yoga shorts and a black bra. The shorts expose her bare cheeks, and the top wraps nicely around her ta-tas. 

Opening The Heart Chakra 

Sofia playfully smiles at the camera before turning around on all fours. This gives us an instant view of her badonkadonk spread and a nice shot of her muffin. She then inches her knees wider and bends her chest down to the ground which slightly extends her cupcake even deeper into view. 

Rosy Cheeks

Starting off in downward dog with her long legs and crotch facing the camera, Sofia crosses one leg in front of the other one and then bends down slowly so her shins are on her blanket before slowly stretching back. The result? A deep stretch for Sofia and an amazing view of the cheeks and the honey pot. This must have been taken mid-practice because her cheeks are rosy pink, probably from sitting on the ground.

Shoulder Stand

In shoulder stand – with her legs high in the air and her hands supporting her back – Sofia shows off her caboose as she wraps one leg around the other. She then brings her legs down – so she looks like a lotus before extending her arms out and her legs back up. Not only is it impressive but we love the close-up of her flexed booty as she stretches.