Mon. Feb 6th, 2023
Sofia Blux

Known for her flexibility, Sofia Blux continues to delight us with her risky crotch shot yoga poses. This time going VIRAL!

Sofia Blux Is Our Flexible Queen!

We have been keeping tabs on this flexible queen! With 2.3 million views, Sofia’s latest TikTok post was so intriguing it made our eyes pop out of our heads! Watch below as she proceeds to put her feet practically behind her head, and then roll back on the mat.

We all remember the last time she scooted real close to the camera! We enjoyed it then, and we’re enjoying it now! Those adorable pigtails don’t hurt either…

Foot Behind The Head

Sofia’s yoga work is really paying off. Watch as her foot almost goes right past her head! Titled “Yoga is so good for you”, we can see why! Her outfit is beautiful in this one, hardly looking like workout attire, but apparently when the yoga mood strikes Sofia just goes for it!

Now THAT’S impressive!

Important To Focus On Breathing

Sofia reminds us the importance of breath during yoga. Although, she is taking our breath away with these moves! Bums up as she focuses on her breathing in this delicious video. Those tiny lavender shorts are showing off all the right parts as she clenches and releases her perky cheeks to the music.

Need more? Checkout Sofia’s latest instagram post as she props her assets and shows off that yoga body! Sofia has left us breathless! We can’t wait to see her next move.