Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Sofia Blux

Switching her look up a bit, Sofia Blux is wearing jean shorts and a cute strapless stripe bikini while doing yoga outside. Let’s check out her latest bends and stretches:

Balancing Act 

The video starts off with Sofia crouching down but on her tippy toes with her knees spread open. She straightens her back – showing us her excellent posture, form and strength, before sliding her hands up her thighs and into prayer position. Her entire body is shaking and we’re impressed with her balance!

Jean View 

This time facing away from the camera, Sofia’s knees are open and her feet are touching behind her. She then puts one hand in front of her, followed by her other hand and stretches down which really lengthens her back and pushes her booty up into the air. 

Yoga Backbend

Sofia’s sitting on her mat with her legs open. She smiles at the camera before adjusting herself and lowering her back down on the mat. Her face disappears and all we can see are her legs and jeans when suddenly she pushes herself up into a wheel pose. Excellent work!