Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Sofia Blux

Sofia Blux has some new uploads where she’s focused on stretching out her legs and working on her core. Let’s check out this babes yoga poses: 

Leg Stretch

Wearing red booty shorts and a white tank top with two cherries on it, Sofia faces the camera sideways as she pulls one leg high up into the air and stretches is it over towards her head. With her leg still straight over her head, she twists so that she’s almost in splits. She then leans up on her hands and looks back at us.  

Strength Transition

Wearing white booty shorts and a blue tank top, Sofia’s got her hair in two braids and the video starts off with her in a push-up stance. The camera is angled at the bottom of the mat so we have a clear shot. She then lowers her body but keeps her arms up so she’s in cobra pose. From there, she brings her chest  down, pushes up on her feet and transitions to downward dog where she moves up and down, working on those abs. 

Scorpion Kicks

Wearing bright pink shorts with white flowers on them and the light pink crop top, the video start off by showing Sofia in a push-up. She quickly lowers herself down and then with her left leg wraps it around her right, tilting her on her side. She does this a few times on each side and the text on the video reads ‘scorpion kicks.’