Sun. May 28th, 2023
Sofia Blux

Sofia Blux shares some great new yoga clips that are filmed outside, along with a cute video that shows off a bit of her home. Let’s check out our favorite yoga girl: 

Living In the Sun Too Long 

Wearing a red thong and a matching bra Sofia stands in a door frame swaying back-and-forth. We can see a pool in the background, and from time to time she glances at the camera. She captions the video ‘ I’ve been living in the sun for too long I forgot what clothes are.’ 

Tree Stretching 

Wearing grey booty shorts and a white tank top, Sofia’s outside and leaning on a glass fence. With her back toward us so we can’t see her face, she brings one leg up and stretches it on on the tree. Her flexibility is incredible as she leans forward and then turns sideways and bends her knee to stretch her leg even further. 

Downward Dog

This last video starts with Sofia in downward dog. She’s in the same outfit as the previous video only this time she’s using her yoga mat. After she rocks forward and backward a few times she sends one leg up and bends her elbows so they touch the mat. From there she bends her knee. The result is an impressive pretzel looking pose!