Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Sophia Blux

Sofia Blux is at it again – this time sharing a bunch of new yoga moves with her fans. What do we love most about yoga with Sofia? It’s always up close and personal! 

Butterfly Post

In her first tutorial, Sofia sits in butterfly pose so that her feet are touching and her legs are in a diamond shape. Wearing small blue shorts and a blue bikini top she sucks in her belly (that has a nice belly button ring) and rocks her legs back and forth. Since the camera is filming on a bottom front angle – we get a nice crotch shot. 

Booty Stretches 

This video is captioned ‘It’s so important to stretch,’ and starts with Sofia facing away from the camera – so we can see her long tanned legs and booty.  She moves one leg forward and while keeping her legs straight she slowly bends down to touch the ground – giving us a close up of her booty and crotch. She moves her hands and booty around a bit to really stretch out. 

Crotch Roll

In the last video, Sofia is sitting down on her bum before she quickly grabs one leg and wraps it around her shoulder – before doing the same thing on the other side. The result? A nice look at her crotch! You can even tell she’s been practicing for some time because she’s got two red marks on each tushie. She then rolls backward so we get more of a booty shot!