Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Sophia Blux

Sofia Blux is at it again, doing yoga in short shorts outside. Sofia has more than 216K Instagram followers and around 1.4M fans on TikTokers who love to see her cha-cha and cheeks close up. 

Hoo-Haw Vision 

Doing some yoga to ‘Ain’t’ No Mountain High,’ Sofia starts on her back and with her knees up and her feet on the ground. Her legs are open and through her brown shorts we see the exact outline of her tulip – along with some cheeky cheeks. She then lifts her booty up while holding her feet before moving her hands to support her back while she lifts up her legs.

Make Time For Yoga

Starting on her knees, Sofia bends forward giving us a cheeky view of her buns and taco. She then lifts up one knee and reaches it over to the opposite side. It must be a very difficult move because we can see her body shaking a bit before the clip ends. 

Bum Flexes 

This time in tie-dyed short shorts, Sofia is on her knees facing away from the camera. She moves forward and rocks her bum back and forth slightly – almost like she’s riding something. We can see her sexy cheeks and buns as she leans forward to get in a good stretch.