Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Sophia Blux

Sofia Blux is sharing some intense yoga poses in a new series of uploads that has her twisting, stretching and flexing. With 10.5 million TikTok likes, fans love Sofia’s complex and close-up asana tutorials. 

Bow Pose Close Up

Lying on her belly with her crotch wide open and angled at the camera, Sofia teaches her fans about bow pose. She grabs her left leg and then her right leg and squeezes them down before pulling them upwards. We see the outline of her vagina and her booty as her shorts ride up her cheeks!

Sexy Yoga Stretching

This time Sofia is kneeling with her knees, wide-open stretching out her back before she sits up and leans forward. This gives us a complete crotch shot as she continues to lean deeper. The text on the video says, ‘stretching before class’. We’d love to see what moves she does in class!

Booty High

In this video, Sofia is lying on her neck and shoulders with her legs straight up in the air showing us her scrumptious booty. She then opens her legs and brings them down and touches her feet together creating a diamond shape. We have a clear view of her bum cheeks as they flex!