Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

In a new series of TikTok posts Sofia Blux shares her yoga practice and stretching with fans. Wearing a bright yellow tank top, beige bra and blue tie-dye shorts, she makes her practice look easy and sexy. 

Pose 1: Crotch And Booty Shot  

In this video, Sofia teaches her fans how to do some serious back and leg stretching. The video starts with Sofia lying on her back, she then lifts her legs up, and since she’s wearing short shorts we can see her crotch and booty. From there, she straightens her legs and then brings them down in a triangle pose before opening them up wide.

Pose 2: Leg Lifts From Behind 

In this next yoga post, Sofia starts off the video kneeling on her shins, facing away from the camera. She then moves to her hands and knees – exposing her crotch and booty. From here the workout begins, where she lifts up her left leg repeatedly until the video cuts out.  

Pose 3: Some Serious Leg Stretching 

This time facing the camera, Sofia is in a side-position while she grabs her ankle and stretches her leg high above her head. Once her leg is in the air she pulls it even closer to her – getting a deeper stretch and smiling while she does it. Very impressive!