Tue. Feb 7th, 2023
Sophie Mudd

Social media influencer Sophie Mudd is approaching 3M followers on Instagram, and for good reason! Each of her posts are super unique and appealing to the eye. Her TikTok isn’t doing to shabby either. Her shares have garnered over 1.8M likes so far! Let’s check out some of her most popular content from both platforms.

Bathroom Spin Back

Sophie is filming this one from her swanky bathroom. Check out that huge marble shower in the background! She’s dancing to Spin Back x Collide, a popular TikTok mashup. Sophie does a quick hair flip before bouncing her way towards the camera. Her low-rise yoga pants show of her perfectly toned midsection. With very minimal effort her subtle movements send her heavy assets bobbing up and down.

@sophiarosemudd♬ Spin Back X Collide Mashup – Kuya Magik

Chainsaw Man And Bikini Girl

It’s clear to us that Sophie knows how to have a good time! Doesn’t watching anime while casually strolling around your house in a bikini sound like a blast?! Well, that’s exactly what Sophie did in these snaps. Here we see her rocking a tiny, pale yellow string bikini with a super dope patchwork coat on top. She took several pics to share with fans, and I think they’re just as excited about Chainsaw Man on the tv as they are to see Sophie!


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Black And White Babe

In this next TikTok video we see Sophie showing off a really cute black and white ensemble. She’s got a bright white low-cut shirt on the top and a black short, pleated skirt on the bottom. She does a few quick poses in this sped up clip. Here’s what her fans had to say:

“Post more on YouTube . Your videos are awesome!”

“Cute outfit ”

“What a great beauty 😍😍😍😍😍”

“What’s up Sophie that’s a cute outfit”


@sophiarosemudd♬ the color violet – ☆

Gingerbread Girl

We’ll leave you with a throwback to a few weeks ago when Sophie shared an adorable holiday selfie. She captioned the picture with, “gingerbread grl”. She looks like a porcelain doll! Her clear, dewy skin and big, fluffy earmuffs scream Christmas in this post. The trees and few scattered lights spotted in the background complete this look, and make us miss the holiday season. 


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