Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Sophie Swaney

The ever so entertaining Sophie Swaney is at it again as she shares some clips on her latest bargains. Let’s check her out:

Heavy Packages 

With the camera angled above her head Sophia’s in her kitchen wearing a black sports bra that her girls are practically jumping out of! She showcases the packages behind her saying that she came home to a bunch of heavy boxes, and she’s not sure what’s in them. She then remembers that she ordered several hundred pounds of ammo the other day and she squeals with excitement!

Belt Buckle Excitement 

This next video starts off with Sophia facing away from the camera. She’s holding up a box and swinging it around. She’s gone on jeans and a green tank top. She then turns to face us and tells us that she ordered a custom belt buckle and she’s super excited to take a look at it. The rest of the video is of her unboxing it and squealing with excitement as she shows it off. 

Blue Jeans 

The video starts off with Sophie sitting in her truck. She’s wearing a cute blue tank top with rivets around the collar.  She immediately jumps into storytelling mode as she holds up a paper bag full of jeans and starts telling the story of the boutique where she found them. She looks amazing as she talks and we love her excitement over her latest deals!