Sun. May 28th, 2023

Stalekracker is Justin Chaisson’s online persona and he’s known for his hilarious commentary on viral clips about Southern Louisiana culture. He usually uploads cooking videos and fans love his wild personality. Let’s check him out.

Bam Bam Oysters 

In a quick tutorial, Stalekracker pulls off fried oysters and lays them down on a table and tells us we don’t want to miss this one. He then shows off a random alligator head before giving us a complete rundown of what he’s adding to the batter. While the video is long (almost 6 minutes) Stalekracker talks us through every step and the end result looks mouth-watering delicious! 

Texas Collab 

Stalekracker takes us on the road with him as he travels to Texas to collaborate with BBQ Pit Master Expert Gore. Hilariously documenting his adventures, he ends up hitchhiking in his cowboy hat, boots and star undies, motorbiking his way to the Pit Master where they then ride to a bar in a red sports car to have a beer. From there they workout together, and then cook up some crayfish. What an adventure! 

Crawfish Fettuccine

In this next video, Stalekracker has a huge paella pan full of Crawfish Fettuccine. He runs us through each step, starting with melting butter in the pan, adding onions and garlic, and then adding in the crawfish. He dishes the dish with the pasta, spices and cheese. It looks incredibly yummy!