Sun. May 28th, 2023
Stone Lyons

Stone Lyons fishes around Fort Lauderdale and Key Largo. He does deep sea fishing, and fishes along the ocean reef, sharing everything he catches. Check out his latest clips:

What Was The Cobia Eating? 

Stone is standing on a boat in just his board shorts holding a huge Cobia. The text on the video reads ‘check out what this cobia was eating.’ Stone then cuts the fish open and we can see that it ate some flounder and pufferfish! The fish are whole so the Cobia must have just chugged them down!

Snowball Fish 

Stone holds up a Snowball fish that he pulled off the bottom of the ocean at 1,000 feet. As he shows off his catch, we can see that the fish’s eyes and tongue are bulging out. Stone says he obviously didn’t  appreciate the pressure change. 

Fish From Key Cargo 

The video starts off showing Stone’s boat as they cruise through Key Cargo. The camera pans around to show off the sunset before we see Stone holding up a fish. The video then cuts to different footage of Stone and his friends as they hold and reel in different types of fish. They even throw back a little shark!