Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Lou Lou Belle

Lou Lou Belle is a tattooed, dirty-talking bad girl. On her OnlyFans accounts, she says she’s a filthy queen hosting a filthy page. On her Fansly page, she encourages fans to subscribe if they want to see her being stuffed and filled. She doesn’t hold a lot back, and lucky for us she’s uploaded a few TikTok videos that outline her amazing melons.  

Perky Jugs

The video starts off with Lou Lou leaned over, presumably pressing play on the camera. This gives us an eyeful of her cleavage as she shakes her ta-tas a bit before standing up and walking backwards. Since she’s not wearing a bra, we also see the outline of her nipples. She has the perkiest boobs and she’s enjoying showing them off as she moves her hips and smirks at the camera. 

Do You Think I Look Good?

Lip-syncing to a popular TikTok voice over, Lou Lou says ‘I’m sorry, I just need one minute to make sure I look good. Do you think I look good Mr. Armstrong?” She’s wearing the same white top in the previous video – that outlines her giant melons – along with a tight skirt; so yes Lou Lou – we think look amazing. Plus – the more skin she shows the more tattoos we get a peak at!

Cleavage Pin-Up

The last video starts out with a clear shot of Lou Lou’s cleavage. She then shakes her bits before adjusting her hair and moving her hips to the music. She has the most breathtaking eyes and her lips are so plump, that paired with her full length arm and legs tattoos, she looks like the perfect pin-up girl!