Sun. May 28th, 2023

Malelly has more than 4.9 million likes on her TikTok videos and we can understand why! She’s always sharing fun booty pops and bikini motivation with fans. Let’s check out her latest posts:

Summer Time 

Cooling off with a cold smoothie, Malley is outside and sitting in front of the camera wearing her bikini. The top is black and the bottoms are light blue. She takes a sip of her drink, brushes her hair off her shoulders and then pulls up the side of her bikini bottoms. She then turns sideways and lifts her booty up in the air. 

Hair Extensions And Booty Shakes 

Still loving her long hair extensions, Malley starts the video playing with her new long locks while wearing grey undies and a black tank top. She then turns around and pulls her hair up in a ponytail while bouncing her booty along to the music playing. 

Bun Tutorial 

Wearing a beige tank top and black bikini bottoms that have clear straps, Malelly is facing away from us as she pulls her hair high up into a ponytail and then wraps it into a bun. She turns sideways and ‘notices’ the camera and smiles at us – letting her long hair fall.