Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Lou Lou Belle

Lou Lou Belle knows she’s famous for her gorgeous body and proud of it. In a series of new uploads, we can see our tattooed baddie in her signature leather skirt and a show-all top.  Two things we love about her (well, three) – her bom boms and her stomach tattoo! 

Busty Melons 

Lou Lou’s wearing her classic black leather skirt with a purple long-sleeve tube top that’s really low cut. We can see a lot of her cleavage as she starts the video leaning over. She jiggles her ta-tas before brushing the hair off her face and standing up straight. She then looks passionately at the camera while moving her hips back and forth. 

Freeze Frame Beauty 

Wearing the same outfit as the first video, Lou Lou’s bent over with her legs open and her chest bursting out of her top. She tucks her hair behind her ears and stands up. Then she looks up and throws her arms out before stretching them behind her back. The whole thing is set in a slow-motion freeze-frame, so it looks extremely sensual, as if she’s mid-orgasm. 

Rotating Flirts

In the last video, Lou Lou has a race-car tank top on. Her melons look massive as she bends in front of the camera and then stands back and slightly rotates her hips. She keeps eye contact with the camera and looks lustful throughout it all.