Mon. Feb 6th, 2023
Tayná Cerqueira

Tayná Cerqueira is a TikTok and Instagram Influencer you may not have heard of.  With a following of just under 3M, she is attracting a lot of attention and quickly gaining fans.  Tayná has a killer body and dance moves to match.  With her adorable face and long dirty blonde hair, this chick loves to dance it up for fans and isn’t shy about it.  This gorgeous bombshell has some serious dance moves that can be similarly associated to a cheerleader, or maybe even a stripper.  We will dive into some of our favorite content from Tayná and let you be the judge!

Tayná Cerqueira Drops Her Booty

In this video we see Tayná having some fun with her rear end.  Wearing a tiny white tank top that rests just above the belly button, and a cute little pair of pink booty shorts, she laughingly provides this content with self-supported booty drop.  Tayná starts the video facing the camera but quickly turns around to show her tight butt.  Supporting her trunk junk with a cheek in each hand she pulls her butt up and then abruptly lets go so fans can enjoy her rear bounce.

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Tayná Cerqueira Sprays For Fans

This video is one of our favorites.  Tayná starts the video wearing a black and white cow print shirt, booty shorts lined with pink lace, and a can of what appears to be hair spray in hand.  She starts by walking in place while aggressively switching her hips side to side.  As she starts to turn to her side, Tayná raises her left leg and begins bouncing her butt up and down, continuing in a circular motion while finally reverting back to up and down again.  During her last moments of bouncing, she raises her hair spray can up and gives it a couple spray shots in the air leaving fans drooling over the thought of other loads being shot through the air.

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Tayná Cerqueira: Queen Of Tan Lines

Tayná can be viewed in bikinis or next to nothing clothing in most of her content.  One of her most striking visuals is her incredibly sharp tan lines.  In this video Tayná can be seen wearing a teeny tiny black and white polka dot bikini.  What’s more apparent is those serious tan lines.  With all her dancing and bouncing, it’s hard to imagine that Tayná can even get her tan lines that straight.  Tanning may be the only time that Tayná is motionless enough to let the sun do its work to soak into her flawless skin.

Tayná Cerqueira’s Leggings Are PAINTED On

Lots of women wear leggings.  Many of them have the figure to pull it off, while many do not.  Tayná definitely pulls it off.  Wearing a little blue shirt, a black choker, and black leggings that are almost too tight to mention, Cerqueira has every fan of her and leggings smiling over her amazing style and fitness.

Tayná Cerqueira Has Tan Lines For Days

This video is all shaking, bouncing, and tan lines.  Wearing a white bikini and showcasing those serious tan lines, this content is a fan favorite.  There’s a whole lot of movement for someone who has a such a tight physique.  If you like what you see here, be sure to keep checking in for more content from Tayná Cerqueira and similar influencers!