Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Tayna Cerqueira

With more than 43M views on TikTok, Brazilian TikToker Tayna Cerquieria loves to dance for her fans. With her perfectly round breasts and toned booty, she doesn’t shy away from the camera. 

She Does It Different 

Wearing jean shorts and a tight grey tank top – with no bra on – Tayna starts the video off with some arm coordinated dances. She looks at the camera and smiles and reminds us of a sexy cheerleader. She’s not wearing a bra so we can see her extreme tan lines as she jumps around. Before the video ends, Tayna turns around, giving us a nice look at her tushie while she continues to dance. She captions the video ‘Ela faz diferente,’ which translates to ’She does it different.’ 

Sexy Shakes 

Tayna is wearing a hot pink top (with no bra on) that has three cut out holes down the front. This gives us access to her deep tan lines and cleavage. She’s also wearing short jean shorts – which she has unbuttoned. She’s not wearing any underwear but we can see her thong tan lines. While poutying, licking her lips and smiling at the camera she does an energetic dance to some Brazilian music. The video ends just as she starts twerking!

Bondage Boogie

This time wearing an intricate black top that wraps around her neck and belly, Tayna almost looks like she’s ready for some bondage play! Instead though, she dances around, showing off her booty popping moves and her bikini tan lines (she’s sans underwear again)!