Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Tayna Cerqueira

Brazilian bombshell Tayna Cerquieria loves to move her body. When she’s not wearing a bikini you can find her dancing around for her 3.8M followers. 

Dance With Shakira 

In this video Tayna has on black pants and a small black top with silver tassels on the chest. She’s kneeling in front of a TV screen that shows Shakira’s dancing. Tayna then starts to follow the choreography so that she’s in beat with Shakira – imitating her move for move! 

Jeans Day 

Wearing tight jeans and a black tank top paired with silver bracelets and a tiny silver necklace, Tanya doesn’t waste anytime as she starts dancing and popping around to the music playing. Her hands are manicured and she bends down and winks at us before the video ends. 

Green Bikini Shakes

In the last video, Tayna’s wearing a bright green bikini top with a pink strap that wraps around her upper stomach. Her black shorts are pulled down low enough so we can see her string bikini tan lines. She then goes into a fast paced dance, smiling and lip-syncing with enthusiasm.