Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Julia Rose

Beauty queen Julia Rose shares her love for Texas in some hot new posts as well as opening up and reading some of her own writings. 

Texas, I Love You 

Julia Rose

Hanging out in a car wearing a yellow and pink bikini top paired some jeans shorts, Julia’s got her hair brushed off to one side while she stares us down. One of her knees is up on the seat, and we can see her cowboy boots while a cowboy hat sits on her lap. Her lips are shiny, and with one hand on the wheel, she captions the photo ‘dear Texas, I love you.’ 

Country Songs 

In a sequence to the first photo, Julia is now filming herself singing country music in her car. She’s smiling big and shaking her head to the tune – all while driving down the freeway! Her cowboy hat is on and she looks smokin’ in her bikini and shorts. 

Intimate Writings 

In a special clip, Julia shares a video of herself speaking in a women’s circle. With her hair up on top of her head and a short white shirt paired with jeans she takes the mic and starts sharing some of her writing. Very vulnerable and very intimate.