Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Grace Charis

Grace Charis continues to draw more fans into her world of golf. With already 1.1M followers, her fans love to her smashing the golf course while wearing cute outfits. Let’s check out her latest posts: 

Irish Babe

Grace Charis

Posing in a stunning dark green skirt and a matching jacket, Grace forgot to throw on a top underneath as she poses with her bare cleavage and stomach exposed. We can’t complain though! Her hair is curled and she grins while looking off to the side and holding her jacket closed. The green really brings out the color of her hair, and she looks very Irish!

The Goal Is A Birdie 

In this next video Grace is paired up with Stephen Lucilo as they tell us that they’re going to try to get a birdie. Stephen shoots first and isn’t off to a great start, followed by Grace who does a bit better. The video continues, taking us with them as they give commentary on what they’re doing. Grace ends up getting a birdie and jumps up with excitement! Well done!

Slow Motion Grace

Wearing a black skirt and an orange crop top, Grace is shown in slow motion grabbing a club out of her golf bag. From there, she’s swinging with all her might and giving it her all before we see her confidently walk away.