Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Grace Charis

Our favorite golfer Grace Charis is taking swings again, and this time in slow motion! Since Grace’s videos are always a mix of funny and sexy (let’s say nipples, cleavage and smiles) you don’t want to miss her latest updates as they’re sure to brighten up your day. 

Slow Motion Jiggles

Wearing a gray tank top with no bra on, we get to watch Grace’s perky boobs as she shows off her golf swing. Not only is she not wearing a bra when she swings, she sets the video to slow motion so we get to see her boobs jiggling all over the place. 

Brown Tank Top Brown Grass

This time wearing a brown tank top with no bra on, we see Grace strutting around on the golf course before taking another slow motion swing. She captions the video ‘brown tank top, brown grass, my winter wonderland – jk I want green grass back.” It must also be cold wherever she is because we get a good glimpse of her nips!

Shakira Shakes

Wearing a black golf shirt and a red top that she’s busting out of, Grace does her best Shakira impersonation. The video starts off behind Grace as she walks on the green, holding a golf club and shaking her hips. After some bigger hip shakes she dances around – giving us a gander at her well-endowed chest.