Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Grace Charis

Our favorite golf girl, Grace Charis, is out hitting some balls as per usual. In some new posts she plays a hole with us, lets us watch her swing in slow motion and hits the ball 52 to the pin. 

Play A Hole With Grace

Grace is still hanging out in Hawaii and she takes fans on a hole with her. She tells us she’s playing on the Kai course in Kaanapali Maui. She’s got on a blue halter top with a black skirt and a black visor. Her hair is braided back into pigtails as she starts playing and walks us through her shots, her thoughts and tactics. She ends up getting a birdie – well done!


Swinging in slow motion again, Grace has on her white visor, purple top and black skirt. She looks up into the sky before the clip jumps to her swinging in slow motion. We see her jiggle in all her glory! The clip in the background is the classic TikTok ‘why are you so obsessed with me?’ and we can see from the comments that lots of people are digging her!

52 to the pin

In a red halter top and black skirt, Grace tells us she’s 52 to the pin. She then drops the ball, lines it up and swings. The ball goes flying and she puts her hand up in excitement – she landed it 10 ft from the pin! Not bad Grace, not bad!